I’m excited and honored to have been featured and mentioned on the following sites and publications:

The Crafted Sparrow (7-Up Pound Cake with Lemon-Lime Glaze, part of a feature on Lemon Dessert Recipes, 5-25-15)

5 Minutes for Health (Flavored Strawberry Fruit Water, part of a feature on Detox Water Recipes, 4-25-15)

Skinny Mom (Salsa Roll-Ups, part of a feature on 50 Healthy Potluck Dishes, 4-28-15)

Natural Healthy Concepts (Quick and Easy Chicken Salad, part of a feature on Healthy Bridal and Baby Shower Recipes, 4-3-15)

Over the Big Moon (Lemon-Zucchini Loaf with Lemon Glaze, 3-18-15)

Home and Garden Digest (Lemon-Zucchini Loaf with Lemon Glaze, 3-5-15)

Hudson Canola ( Lemon Mint Cucumber Water, part of a feature on healthy beverages, 2-22-15)

Momtastic (Chocolate Peppermint Muffins, part of a feature on 30 Peppermint Recipes for the Holidays, 12-8-14)

Eating on a Dime (Arkansas Green Beans, part of a feature on Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes, 11-25-14)

How Does She? (Owl Cupcakes, part of a Cupcake Feature, 10-24-14)

Recipe Tipster (Triple Chocolate Pound Cake, 10-11-14)

Raw Foods Magazine (Tomato Basil Avocado Soup, September/October 2014 issue, p. 54)

What To Expect (Root Beer Float, 8-6-14)

The WHOOT (Owl Cupcakes, 7-31-14)

BRIT + Co. (Cucumber Herbal Water and Lemon Mint Water, part of a feature on flavored water recipes, 3-19-14)

Everyday Family (Lemon-Zucchini Loaf with Lemon Glaze, 1-15-14)

All Free Casserole Recipes, The Top 100 Recipes of 2013 (Category: Recipes for Dips, Bacon Double Cheeseburger Dip, 12-19-13)

Buzzfeed (Pumpkin Bread with Pumpkin Buttercream Frosting, part of a feature on pumpkin recipes, 9-27-13)

PREEN Garden & Landscape Tips Newsletter (Lemon-Zucchini Loaf with Lemon Glaze, Issue 32, Sept. 2013 )

Foodvee (Lemon-Zucchini Loaf with Lemon Glaze, 8-1-13)

Today’s Every Mom (Creamy Dill Potato Salad, part of a feature on potato salad recipes, 7-2-13)

Bembu (Lemon Mint Cucumber Water, part of a feature on detox waters, 6-27-13)

Ruby for Women (a food and lifestyle online magazine, May 2013 issue, pp. 67-68)

Sulia/Desserts & Baking (Lemon Almond Bread, featured recipe and photo, 3-23-13)

All Free Casserole Recipes (Bacon Double Cheeseburger Dip, featured recipe and photo, 2-14-13) (feature on Triple Chocolate Pound Cake, 11-30-12)

BlueStar Top 100 Foodie Bloggers of 2012

Huffington Post (Pumpkin Bread with Pumpkin Buttercream, part of a feature on pumpkin bread recipes, 10-11-12)

Huffington Post (Sunken Apple Pie Bread, part of a feature on quick bread recipes, 10-5-12)

All Free Casserole Recipes (Parmesan Cheddar Squash Casserole, featured recipe and photo, 10-5-12)

Food Now! (Lemon Zucchini Loaf, featured recipe and photo, 8-9-12)

Gooseberry Patch Facebook page (Lemon Zucchini Loaf, 7-5-12)

Foodista Featured Drink (Flavored Water, 5-15-12)


Chubbs and Chunks (Sprinkles’ Strawberry Cupcake Recipe, 8-2-10)


Food Gawker

Taste Spotting

Pillsbury Facebook Page (Bacon-Cheese Pull Aparts, 11-10-10)

Cupcakes Take the Cake (Peaches and Cream Cupcakes, 9-3-10)

Foodista (Raspberry Cream Cheese Muffins, 8-2-10)

Bake It Pretty (Dark Chocolate Cupcakes, 5-18-10)


I’ve received these awards from the wonderful blogging community:


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